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The Exposure League

The Exposure League

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David Hutchinson Hired as Deputy Commissioner

David Hutchinson aims to raise the standard after being appointed as a Deputy Commissioner in The National Basketball League-United States.

October 3rd, 2021 — Being the Founder and CEO of Life Changing Fitness and Sports training company in Lafayette, David Hutchinson might just be the addition that NBL-US needs to become the most prominent global league. David has been in the sport for many years and brings an exceptional business resume to the NBL-US. He will indeed be instrumental in the growth of the league on the international stage. 

“I am very blessed and filled with humility as well as gratitude to hold this position,” mentions David Hutchinson in a recent interview. “I am committed to honor this role by utilizing the great counsel I am surrounded by, to govern justly and with fairness. The goal is not to uphold the standard that has already been set, but my job is to raise it, ensuring continued growth as we aim to be the largest global league.”

David has always been passionate about staying true to the sport while helping fresh talent rise in the current atmosphere. Now, working as a Deputy Commissioner, he aims to take his commitment to the next level by setting an example for his successors. For more information, visit 

About “NBL-US”

The National Basketball League-United States launched its inaugural season in 2019. The League includes 12 teams located in Baytown, Clear Lake, Galveston, Humble, North Shore, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Titusville, Port St. Lucie, and Kingwood.

The primary focus of this league is to bring quality entertainment to the fans while also providing a platform for the rising talent. So far, it is one of the first United States Minor League to have an international partnership with the NBL-Philippines. For more information on the NBL-US, visit 

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